Best free music apps for iPhone and iPad

With these free music apps for iPhone, you can enjoy your favorite songs or podcasts on your Apple device.

Nowadays it is very common to go down the street and see many people with headphones on. Maybe you are one of those people. It is totally normal. Music is part of our daily life. We listen to it to relax, to exercise, to work… For (almost) everything. It is possible that you use an application to listen to music on your iOS device, but surely you do not know all the ones that the App Store offers, right? As the colors were made for tastes, below we offer you a list of the best free music apps for iPhone that exist.

On the other hand, do you want to download MP3 songs on your iOS devices for free? If yes, then see our selection of the best free MP3 download apps for iPhone.

The 7 best iOS apps to listen to music for free

Nowadays there are such a variety of apps available for the iOS ecosystem that it is very difficult to choose the most suitable ones … But do not despair because we have done the work for you.

These applications allow you to listen to millions of songs on the iPhone no download necessary, and are completely free.

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The 7 best iOS apps to listen to music for free

Spotify is the best way to listen to music and podcasts on your mobile. With this music app for iPhone, you can search for any song, artist or album and listen to everything for free, create and share playlists. In short, build your largest and best collection of 100% personalized music.

You can have personal recommendations and ready-made playlists on hand for just about anything. Additionally, Spotify also offers thousands of podcasts, including originals that you can’t find anywhere else.

You can use this app for free with ads or paid with Spotify Premium.

Download Spotify



With TIDAL you can enjoy more than 60 million high-quality audio tracks without cuts and without connection. It is undoubtedly the favorite music streaming service of music purists and audiophiles.

And it is that TIDAL is the only music transmission service with high fidelity HiFi sound, MQA tracks, 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos support. We assure you that after having tried it nothing will be the same.

Plus, TIDAL members are also the first to experience exclusive music, videos, and live performances that you can’t get anywhere else. This music app for iPhone has a free trial period of 30 days and, of course, you can cancel whenever you want.

Download TIDAL Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music free apps iphone ipad

YouTube Music is a new music application that allows you to easily find what you are looking for and discover new music. Get playlists and recommendations that will serve you based on your context, your tastes and what is fashionable around you.

It’s a brand new YouTube music streaming service completely reimagined with official releases from your favorite artists.

Easily find the albums, singles, live performances, covers, and remixes you are looking for. Do not you know the name of a song? Just find the letter or describe it.
Get music recommendations based on your preferences, your location, and the time of day.

Remember that the Google Play Music membership also gives you access to YouTube Red, which may make the offer better for some people.

Download YouTube Music

Deezer – free music app


Deezer is a free music application for iPhone, which allows you to listen to your favorite music instantly. You can create your music libraries, listen to podcasts, use their song recognition service, read the lyrics of your favorite songs or even share the verses that best identify your friends. Of course, you will not be able to skip the songs or choose the order.

For this, this music application for iPhone also has its paid version, in which you can enjoy the songs even without Wi-Fi. You will only have to download the application and start enjoying this application to listen to music on your iPhone.

Download Deezer



Get the famous SoundCloud experience on your iPhone with this app. Soundcloud is one of the free music applications for iPhone that is characterized by some functions such as the ability to share your music and the facility to connect with emerging artists or exclusive content, such as unedited demos.

You can also save your favorite songs, follow the artists and create your playlists totally free. The free version of SoundCloud gives you access to 120 million songs and creates custom playlists. The “Explore” section is just the beginning of the adventure. What are you waiting for to hit play?

Download Soundcloud

Amazon Music

A lot of people use Amazon’s Prime Video service, but the existence of its music service is probably less well known. However, if you’re already a Prime member, there’s a lot in the Amazon Music app for you to try.

Amazon Prime Music lets you stream a catalog of over 2 million songs, playlists, and radio stations. Even better, this is ad-free and is included in the Prime membership. Also, you can sign up for a family plan with 6 different users.

Additionally, all music purchased from Amazon – whether as an MP3 download or, in some cases, as physical media with Amazon’s AutoRip feature – is available in your account for streaming and downloading.

Download Amazon Music

Slacker Radio

Slacker Internet Radio is another free music app that gives you access to hundreds of radio stations from almost any genre.

You can also create custom stations based on specific artists or songs, and then fine-tune them to your taste. In the free version, you have to listen to the ads and are limited to skipping 6 songs per hour.

The paid tiers of the service give you more features. The $ 3.99 / month Plus version removes ads and skips limits, lets you listen to stations offline, customize ESPN Radio, and enjoy high-quality 320Kbps streaming.

Download Slacker Radio

Free music apps for iPhone

With these music apps for iPhone you can enjoy the best content on your mobile device anywhere. Get the most out of your iPhone and Apple AirPods and experience music in the first person like you’ve never thought before!

And what is your favorite app to listen to music on your iPhone? Do you have any questions related to the post? If so, we are waiting for you in the comment box.

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