Best iOS apps to watch anime for free on iPhone and iPad

Addicted to anime? We bring you the best apps to watch anime for free on iOS. So you don’t miss a single chapter while you’re on the bus or tram.

Few streaming apps and services take Anime into account despite its rapidly increasing fame over time. Luckily for fans of this genre, in this post, you will find the best apps to watch Anime for free on your iPhone and iPad. These allow you to see the chapters on air, the different seasons and even the most iconic anime that came out in previous times.

They are excellent iOS apps designed with the intention of keeping their users updated with the latest news, premieres and any information from the world of Anime. All this while you interact with the community and watch a chapter sitting comfortably on your sofa. If you want to take your favorite series everywhere, you have CrunchyrollLegion anime, Aruppi, among other applications to watch anime, which you can discover below.

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Best applications to watch anime for free with your iPhone and iPad

Anime is one of the most popular genres of all time in Japan and also in the rest of the world. Therefore, today we bring you the best apps to watch anime. We will present the ones that currently work and that have the best opinions from users. Are you ready? Let’s start then.

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It is a streaming service specialized in Anime and manga, which has a catalog of different iconic series such as Naruto and One Piece. You can also enjoy the best current content like Dr. Stone or Black Clover. In its free version, you will see your favorite series in 480p quality. However, it contains advertisements and it will be necessary to wait a few days to see the premieres.

Unlike the free one, the Premium version allows you to watch 1080p videos and view premieres even 1 hour after they are broadcast in Japan. On the other hand, you can enjoy content offline on up to 6 devices at the same time.

The Premium version also allows you to watch them on your Xbox or your Play Station.

Download Crunchyroll


Best applications to watch anime for free with your iPhone and iPad

AnimeLab is another great animation streaming application for iPad and iPhone. It has a collection of over 718 animated movies and shows, and you can request your favorite anime if it’s not featured in its catalog. Similar to Crunchyroll, AnimeLab also hosts a large collection of Japanese cartoons.

AnimeLab offers both free and premium versions. However, if you use the free version, you will only be able to see a few anime. You can upgrade to its premium version to enjoy the extensive anime catalog at any time in high quality.

Download AnimeLab


Although this app that we want to show you below is not available in the AppStore, you can download it for free through an official link provided by the creators themselves. KJanime is an application that is 100% optimized for any iPhone model. This makes it easy to access the animes that are hosted on its website quickly and easy. It allows only and exclusively the visualization of the thousands and thousands of animes that you want to see. But if you want to download them, you will have to go to the pro version of this application.

This platform has a wide range of content in Japanese animation series divided by category.

Download JKanime

Anime TV: Best Anime & Manga

For users who are specifically looking for a good application where they can watch translated anime, there is Anime TV – Series, which stands out for having most of its content dubbed into Spanish or with subtitled original audio.

This application has a large number of classic series of great success that has marked times and caused great repercussion in the world, without neglecting the newest releases and most current animes. Additionally, it is possible to watch this programming without invasive ads.

Among its most notable features are its HD video player, an intuitive and simple design, as well as the option to save your favorite programs.

Download Anime TV


This is an extremely popular platform, which focuses on transmitting films, series and documentaries of various themes and styles. But over the last few years, different seasons of Japanese animations such as One Punch Man and Bleach, among others, have been added to its catalog.

Taking into account the growing popularity of this type of programming, Netflix managed to add Japanese studios to create exclusive animes on its platform. For this reason, it is undoubtedly a great option to watch animes.

Download Netflix


This is one of the oldest anime streaming apps that was founded in 1994. It started by offering the Dragon Ball series to the American public. Today it has an extensive catalog of dubbed and English subtitled anime.

I prefer to watch dubbed shows and this app focuses on that. It features English dubbed programs from various animation studios such as BLT Productions, Ocean Studios, Pioneer and Saban Entertainment.

It’s available on a variety of devices, so you can enjoy your content wherever you like. Watch on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, game consoles and Smart TVs.

Upgrading to the premium plan allows you to have two simultaneous streams on your connected devices, while the premium plus plan allows you to stream simultaneously on up to five devices at the same time.

Download FunimationNow

VRV – Different All Together

This anime app for iPhone and iPad integrates several streaming services into one catalog for your convenience.

Includes shows and movies from Crunchyroll, Cartoon Hangover, Boomerang, HIDIVE, MONDO, NickSplat, Rooster Teeth and VRV Select.

You can choose to group your membership with other channels to access more anime titles. The content is updated regularly and basic users can watch for free with ads.

To get rid of advertising, upgrade to the premium plan, unlocking access to exclusive titles.

VRV is compatible with many devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Xbox, Playstation, Fire TV, Roku, etc. 

Download VRV

Last shot

That’s all for now, friends. You can watch your favorite anime movies and show them in high quality using these best anime streaming apps for your iPhone. We have mentioned both free and premium applications. Now it’s up to you to choose which one to choose. Tell us, what is your favorite anime character and what do you think would be the ideal application for you? Let us know. You can use the comment section below.

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