The best joysticks and controllers for iPad

Here’s our selection of the best controllers and joysticks to play comfortably on your iPad, iPad Pro, and Air devices.

Now that Apple devices have become more and more real game consoles, thanks to services like Apple Arcade, or Xbox Cloud Gaming, having a controller becomes really important. Yes, because the games we often talk about are really deep and complex, and not basic or casual, like the very first ones that appeared in the App Store. So, here’s a selection of the best iPad joysticks and controllers. We mention the Apple tablet because the large screen makes it a perfect gaming platform to fully enjoy console titles.

The advantages of playing on an iPad with a remote

When it comes to playing video games, there are many reasons to choose an iPad gamepad. The most important is that it offers a greater margin of maneuver than if only the responsive device was used. In the same way, choosing a good command has other advantages, such as using different combat techniques better and completing missions in less time.

Even some tricks, such as sustained shots, the use of explosives in combat games, the development of blows of a martial arts character or better movements are other of its characteristics and some of the most important reasons for players to choose them as their best alternative.

The top 7 best wireless Bluetooth joysticks and controllers for iPad

There are some surprisingly decent games on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, but the touch controls are usually … less than ideal. However, many of those games are compatible with full gamepads. So you can play with the same precision as on a console. Next, we present the best gamepads for iPad, in the following classification.

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SteelSeries Nimbus+

The top 7 best wireless Bluetooth joysticks and controllers for iPad pro mini steelseries

SteelSeries Nimbus + is not the most recent on the market, but the brand continues to be a favorite in the iOS field. Because it was born and developed around the idea of ​​transforming the iPhone and iPad into game consoles. It is therefore an absolutely optimized controller for Apple devices.

Of course, it is Made For iPhone (MFi) certified. Among its features, it also offers clickable analog sticks, so as to associate further game actions that are added to those of the D-pad and other controller keys: seven front keys plus two shoulder buttons, one right and one left. SteelSeries Nimbus + offers 50 hours of battery life for Apple users.

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Mfi Game Controller PXN For iPad

Mfi Game Controller PXN For iPad

If you want to save a little, but certainly without giving up the important Made For iPhone certification, the advice is to give this PXN game controller a chance. Ergonomic design offers special finishes to improve grip during the game session. The material is non-slip plastic, ideal for ergonomic support, with constant grip and good distribution of the fingers.

While it works perfectly with iPad, the clip design can hold a 6-inch device in place, making it also optimized for use with smartphones. Inside there is a 550 mAh lithium battery, integrated and non-removable, which ensures up to 15-20 hours with a single charge.

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Playstation DualSense Wireless Controller

Playstation DualSense Wireless Controller

The latest wireless controller Sony unveiled in conjunction with its PS5 certainly needs no introduction. It is called DualSense and is compatible with iOS. It offers a more futuristic shape than the others and with double color. Apple devices from iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 can be paired with Dual Sense via Bluetooth connection. Once connected, you can use the wireless controller to control compatible games and applications. This is, of course, a premium choice.

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Joysticks and controllers for iPad: DualShock 4

Joysticks and controllers for iPad DualShock 4

If you want to save money, or maybe you have it at home, know that the previous PS4 controller is also a great ally for playing on the iPad. It is compatible with Apple Arcade and, therefore, allows you to fully enjoy the titles in the catalog. Unfortunately, at least at the moment, it does not seem to be less expensive than the PS5 one, our remaining choice is not to be underestimated at all if you buy it at a lower price, especially for its build quality and for the presence of the touchpad that also allows you to navigate. with convenience on the different graphic interfaces.

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Xbox Controller

Xbox Controller

If you plan to use the iPad for Microsoft’s gaming streaming service, then the original Xbox Series controller is certainly the choice for you. The build quality is unmatched, and the touch and feel you get are at the highest level. The perfect pad for the most hardcore gamers, and for the deepest and most complex games. 

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Newseego Mobile Game Controller Trigger

Newseego Mobile Game Controller Trigger

It is a gamepad for iPad that is comfortable, with a visual area that covers 99% of the screen. Its comfortable design fits easily in the palm of the hand. The on/off controller is integrated into the device to offer more functionality. It has high compatibility.

The user can use it on other computers, as long as they have the option of customizing the buttons or dragging them. It allows you to perform various functions, such as aiming, and pulling the trigger, while providing sufficient freedom of movement.

The grip is highly effective, although it may appear fragile on the surface. Its stable clip stays in the same place all the time, and even allows it to be used on other thicker tablets.

It does not require any source of load. In addition, it is quite sensitive and it does not need to install any program to work.

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Apple Certified Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i

Apple Certified Mad Catz Micro controllers joysticks ipad air pro mini

I’m a big fan of “Mad Catz Micro CTRLi” This game controller looks modern and has exceptionally responsive buttons. Plus, the smooth textured sides make it more comfortable to hold.

Provides better controllers and offers multiplayer support. That means up to 4 Micro CTRLi controllers can be seamlessly connected to the same iPad.

So, you will enjoy playing games like Skylanders: Trap Team, FIFA 15, and Real Racing 3 with your friends.

Even better, it comes with high-capacity AAA batteries that can run for up to 40 hours on a single charge.

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Now that you have a super handy controller go ahead and take on your rivals fiercely. And smartly progress through the top of the leaderboard. Along the way, also take part in special events and complete all the missions to get many coveted rewards!

That’s all for now, friends. These are some of the best joysticks and controllers for iPad devices.

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