Best voice recorder apps for iPhone (free and paid)

These iPhone Voice Recorder Apps can Capture high-quality voice & sound.

At JoiniOS, we have shared many articles about the best iPhone apps, and today we are going to cover voice recording apps for iPhone. Look, one of the most useful features of any iPhone is the ability to record yourself. Voice recorder apps are generally used to record conferences, meetings, public events, etc.

iPhone devices usually have a built-in voice recorder. But the built-in voice recorders lack some basic functions. Here in this article, we will share some of the best voice recorder apps for iPhone.

The top 8 best free voice recorder apps for iPhone

It’s worth noting that there are many iPhone voice recorder apps available on the App Store, making it difficult to choose the right one. So, here we have listed only the best free voice recorder apps for iPhone that have positive ratings. Are you ready? Let’s start then.

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Easy Voice Recorder

The top 8 best free voice recorder apps for iPhone

Right now, it is the best voice recorder app available on the App Store. Thousands of users right now use the app to record audio in the background. The cool thing about Easy Voice Recorder is that it can record audio even when the screen is off. When it comes to file compatibility, Easy Voice Recorder supports a wide range of audio formats like WAV, AMR, PCM, etc. You can also choose to share your recordings in the most common applications in the cloud.

Download Easy Voice Recorder

Recorder Plus

Recorder Plus

Recorder Plus is a free App that you can use to record professional-quality audio and play sounds. This high-quality feature recorder app turns your iOS device into a recording tool. The software includes features such as one-touch recording, background recording, and has a simple but fast user interface.

The App is incredibly fast and you can even record for long hours. Supports audio formats such as M4A, WAV, CAF, and MP3. You generate three different qualities: High, Medium and Low.

The Recorder Plus app is compatible with iCloud drives like, Google Drive, Webdav, OneDrive, and DropBox. Now store your favorite audio tracks on your Mac and iOS devices through the Recorder Plus App for iPhone.

Download Recorder Plus

Voice Record Pro

Voice Record Pro

It is one of the applications to record audio found in the AppStore for iPhone and iPad. This professional recording application helps you record voice memos with configurable quality. Voice Record Pro supports standard M4A, MP4, and AAC formats. You can trim, duplicate and add records with Voice Record Pro. You can even protect your tracks with access codes with Voice Record Pro.

Download Voice Record Pro

Voice Recorder HD: Audio Memos

Voice Recorder HD Audio Memos

It is one of the best applications to record voice audio for iPhone and iPad that you can find in the App Store. The app has features that are designed for school and university students, teachers, journalists, businessmen, and even audio professionals and sound engineers.

Now we are not saying that the application can replace a recording studio, but it is quite efficient in recording and reproducing high-quality sounds.

The App offers Bluetooth recording, background recording, unlimited time recording and iCloud syncing. You can share your audio files via Airdrop, upload them to SoundCloud or DropBox and it has many of these features.

Download Voice Recorder HD

MultiTrack DAW

Best voice recorder apps for iPhone

MultiTrack DAW is another great voice recorder app for iOs that helps you record multiple takes, experiments, solos, and harmonies. The MultiTrack DAW App is more of a digital audio workstation than a pure voice recording application.

In addition to recording, you can seamlessly trim and mix audios and share via email, WiFi, and iTunes file sharing or upload to SoundCloud. The software has incredible over-recording capabilities. You can input voice from USB microphones and interfaces, headphone microphones, and built-in microphones. It supports audio formats like m4a, mp3, wav, aac, and aiff. However, this is not a free app.

Download MultiTrack DAW

HT Professional Recorder

HT Professional Recorder

The easy-to-use interface helps you record and edit conferences, conferences, and business meetings on your iPhone. It can also operate in the background. So you can take notes while the app is recording your important conferences.

You can record remote conversations and automatically skip silence. You can even record whispers. It manages to record and send audio files (as WAV attachments and up to 30 minutes in length) by email. The bottom line, although HT Professional Recorder costs $ 9.99, it is an excellent recording tool.

Download HT Professional Recorder

Dolby On

Dolby On is one of the new voice recorder apps, but the main thing about this app is that it is developed by Dolby Laboratories, which is known for its quality audio services on many popular devices such as laptops, speakers, etc.

It comes with powerful audio processing tools like noise reduction, de-essing, and more. These functions make this app a great app for anyone who wants to save quality recordings. Dolby On is still in development, which means you can expect some bugs here and there, but overall it’s a pretty good app.

Download Dolby On

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is a great music maker application for musicians. With this app, you can record music, lyrics or whatever you want to record. It can record multiple tracks. A built-in editor allows you to adjust your recordings and additional tools to remix or remaster the recording. The app also has seamless integration with platforms like SoundCloud, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The app is free, but there are in-app purchases.

Download Music Maker Jam


These are the 8 best voice recorder apps for iPhone. Some of them are completely free and some have in-app purchases to unlock the more sophisticated features. If you want, you can also use the default voice recorder apps, which are also quite good. Let us know your favorite voice recorder app in the comment section below. You can also check out the best call recording apps for iOS on our website.

Did you already know some of these applications to record audio on your iPhone? Don’t forget to leave your comment telling us which one is your favorite! Thank you. That’s all for now, friends. Thank you.

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