iPhone 14 Pro Max | The latest news and prices

The iPhone has long been the most popular smartphone in the world. In this article, we will talk about the probable features and the latest news of the iPhone 14 pro max.

The iPhone 14 lineup is fast approaching. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to be the best, the most expensive, and the most interesting.

Apple going to launch iPhone 14 with significant changes in design. Also more notches, and big camera upgrades among other improvements. There’s plenty to get excited about here. If all the promising leaks were to emerge, the iPhone 14 Pro Max could be the most exciting update in recent years.

iPhone 14 Pro will have to Face fierce competition from the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Google Pixel 7. Apple seems to be ready for that competition, with a new 48MP main camera and a powerful new A16 chip. Bionic that regular iPhone 14 may not get.

We’ll tell you everything we’ve heard about this great phone so far. And also discuss the likely release date and price.

Latest iPhone 14 Rumors

The iPhone 14 Pro’s brand new 48MP camera could be dissatisfying in low light. Suggested storage upgrade for iPhone 14 Pro may not see the enactment. A new analyst report suggests this.

Another report reveals that Apple plans to order 90 million iPhone 14 units for launch. This could be quite high in this economy. The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to see a $100 price increase but could offer more entry-level storage as a result.

iPhone 14 release date and price

Our best guess for when the iPhone 14 Pro Max – and the rest of the iPhone 14 lineup – will be declared is September 13. We didn’t collect that number out of thin air, but a leaker pointed to that date.

So far only one source has it so we’d take it with a grain of salt but no other specific date has been mentioned. Besides, September 13th would make a lot of sense. Because Apple has always been announcing new numbered iPhones around mid-September. And usually on Tuesdays in recent years. , which is September 13.

Although that’s not when you’ll be able to get your hands on the phone. We expect it to ship around 10 days later, likely Friday 23rd September.

Yet, while those dates seem likely, it’s possible they’re wrong. Especially since blocks in China have delayed production by a few weeks. Although Apple is aiming to get back on schedule.

When it comes to pricing, one source indicates we could be looking at similar pricing to the iPhone 13. It means a starting price of around $1,099 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

But, another source claims that the next phone will start at $1,199, which is $100 more than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It would certainly be believable given the number of updates expected on this phone.

iPhone 14 design

The iPhone 14 Pro Max may not look like any previous iPhone as Apple drops the notch. We have heard this from many sources. The oldest dates back to September and includes the rendering you can see below.

iPhone 14 Pro Max design

This image indicates that there is a small camera cutout instead of a notch. There’s also a lot less rear camera bump here, and the phone is thicker to reach for it.

The source adds that the frame is titanium rather than stainless steel.

But, some of the details in the rendering above now appear to be incorrect. Instead of having a single camera cutout, many sources now suggest that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will have two. One will be small and another will be larger. One in the form of a pill next to it.

One of these renders also shows a large rear camera bump, and that may be more accurate. A diagram that was leaked indicates that the rear camera lock will actually be larger than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Display

iPhone 14 Pro Max Display

While the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks like a great upgrade in many ways, its display may not be one of them. Ross Young, a proponent with a good track record, says it will have a 6.68-inch, 1284 x 2778 OLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz and 458 pixels per inch. These specs would make it identical to the iPhone 13 Pro Max screen.

We also heard from Ming-Chi Kuo that the upcoming phone will have a 6.7-inch screen. We don’t expect Apple to change the size because that’s not something it does often.

Some screen details, such as brightness, may still change, but so far it looks a lot like the iPhone 13 Pro Max screen. Except, of course, there probably won’t be a notch protruding from the top this time around.

Processor / Storage

The iPhone 13 Pro uses Hexa-core, chipset-Apple A16 Bionic (5nm), and with that comes the Apple GPU graphics. This phone is available in 4 variants. The memory is 126/256/512 GB / 1 TB of internal memory and 6 GB of RAM. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max smartphone runs on iOS 15.

iPhone 14 camera

iPhone 14 Pro Max camera

Don’t expect a big shift in the number of cameras the iPhone 14 Pro will bring. Pro phones should stick to the standard mix of mainline, ultra-wide, and telephoto. Considering that Apple phones are regularly found in the best range of camera phones. That’s not a bad thing.

But one leak saw the iPhone 14 Pro get a 48MP main camera. It could finally change the 12MP cameras Apple has been using for years. Cupertino’s computational photography is among the best. But having more megapixels to play with would likely give the iPhone 14 Pro more reach. we could be in an age where megapixels are important to Apple again.

The latest camera leak on the new model reiterates that it will have a 48MP main sensor. But surprisingly it claims it may not be as good as the iPhone 13 Pro under certain conditions.

Tipster @LeaksApplePro claims to have spoken to a source who’s used the iPhone 14 Pro. They reported in low light there’s “a significant amount of noise”. If true, that would suggest the iPhone 14 Pro would have a downgraded camera, which is unlikely.

At least one regular Apple tipster has the standard iPhone 14 models set to stick with 12MP cameras. Only the Pro models are set to get a 48MP primary camera.

There will be no changes to the ultra-wide camera. But it will be surprising if efforts hadn’t been made to improve the field of view to cut some edge distortion.

And there’s room for the telephoto lens to zoom. An Apple patent hints the company is working on a periscope-style zoom camera. If such a feature were to debut on an iPhone, it would be for the iPhone 14 Pro. But Apple’s Oracle Ming-Chi Kuo says the periscope camera won’t appear until the iPhone 15 in 2023. This year’s telephoto lens could make the iPhone 14 Pro a real disappointment.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that all iPhone 14 models will have an improved front camera. It looks like this will involve a new wider aperture. And also a more complex 6-part lens as well as the addition of autofocus. Together, this should allow the iPhone selfie snapper to take photos that are brighter, and easier to take. Credit to the addition of autofocus, and less prone to distortion.

iPhone 14 specs and features

iPhone 14 Pro Max specs and features

We are expecting the iPhone 14 Pro Max to have an A16 Bionic chipset. It is not a surprise since the current model has an A15 Bionic.

The update to this brand-new chipset is less transparent. While some sources suggest this could be with a 4nm or even 3nm process. The most recent leaks say that it is at 5nm.

Small numbers are better here. And a move to a lower number would usually suggest a significant increase in power and/or efficiency. But even if you limit yourself to 5nm you’ll definitely see improvements.

Storage could be significantly improved, yet potentially reaching 2TB. That’s double what you can get with the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Another possible but less likely change is the use of an eSIM instead of a physical SIM card. Current iPhones have both. If Apple takes this action they might do it to versions of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It will also support physical SIM cards as not all mobile networks support eSIM at the moment.

Battery for iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 Pro Max might have a bigger battery than its predecessor according to a source. That’s a promising statement, as the iPhone 13 Pro Max already has excellent battery life.

We’ve heard elsewhere that its battery might have a little lower capacity at 4,323mAh.

There have been rumors of a switch from Lightning to USB-C. It’ll probably happen eventually. Because the EU has made it a rule from 2024. But we doubt we’ll see it in the iPhone 14 lineup.

There has also been talking of a portless iPhone at some point in the future. It only supports wireless charging. But probably Apple will go that far with the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Final Verdict

On a final note, we want to confess that all the info provided above is not meant to be 100% correct. This info is mostly based on some sources which can be either right or wrong. But there is every chance of the enactment of those changes. So, you can expect those changes to actually happen.

That’s all we know about the iPhone 14 Pro Max latest news and prices along with its upcoming features which should be good enough to excite you.

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