Offline Games for iPhone 14 to Have Fun

Do you have limited data plan on your iPhone14? Then you can take a look at our article to find out the top Offline Games for iPhone 14 you can play.

Nowadays, people in their free and spare time want to play games on their iPhones. Fun games can help you beat boredom, whether stuck in an airport queue, waiting at the airport, or needing to recharge your batteries. But as multiplayer games have become more popular, most games now need an internet connection. It is undesirable if you have a low data plan or live somewhere with a bad connection. Or, there are times when you come across a certain place where your internet connection is down. Well, don’t worry as we will mention the best offline games for iPhone 14.

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1. Alto’s Adventure

Offline Games to Play for Iphone 14

Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner that will meet your craving for skiing. Take control of Alto and run through the Andean foothills collecting money and dodging obstacles.

Use touch controls to blast or grind Alto and perform stunts to rack up points. The full game can be played offline. So, you can enjoy your Andean journey while on the train. This game is never ending so if you are waiting without wifi you can play to pass the time.

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2. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey

The sequel to Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey. It keeps everything you loved about the original and adds something else. New characters, new environments, new music, and new mechanics make this game feel more like an expansion than a true sequel.

Yet, if you like adventure, you will also like Odyssey. It focuses more on extreme sports than on adventure collecting.

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3. Monument valley

Offline Games to Play for Iphone 14

Have you ever been intrigued by one of M. C. Escher’s impossible paintings? This is the entire premise of the indie puzzle game Monument Valley, which was built on the Unity engine. She plays Ro, a young woman exploring dynamic buildings and solving complex problems. Her main tool is the ability to change the screen perspective, which breaks new ground.

This game is one of the most exciting and immersive experiences you can have on your iPhone. And you can play it completely offline due to its stunning graphics and enigmatic atmosphere. You may never need the internet again.

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4. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2

In the sequel to Monument Valley, you play the daughter of Ro, who travels the world in search of her. The concept is the same. But the graphics are much flashier and the puzzle-solving is much more subtle and nuanced. The beauty of the graphics really shines on a bigger screen, making these installments two of the best offline iPhone games around.

This game has four more chapters than its predecessor and is based on the features of the first game. In some worlds, the game replaces the isometric geometry art style of the first game with more 2D scenes.

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5. Badland

Offline Games to Play for Iphone 14

The puzzle platformer Badland has a special twist. Using a spinning cycle, players guide a small creature known as a clone through the forest. Each of the four cycles (dawn, noon, dusk, and night) has its own color palette and special traps. As the level increases, the game’s night cycles often have more difficult cheats. It is one of the best games for iPhone that does not need wifi.

The same idea is present in Bandland 2, although new strategies are used. You have to avoid water, liquids, flamethrowers, cold, magma, and other new dangers. Players can compete in a challenge mode in Badland 2 to move up the leaderboards.

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6. Badland 2
Badland 2

Badland 2 adds new mechanics, including the ability to move your character from left to right. It takes some of the pressure off. Yet, the essence of the game remains.

There’s some light online multiplayer. But like its predecessor, this game really shines offline, on your iPhone, with a headset, and immersed in the experience.

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7. Minecraft

Offline Games to Play for Iphone 14

Are you looking for the best building games and games that can provide a lot of room for creativity? Then Minecraft seems like the way to go. What has always fascinated me about this premium offline iPhone game is the ability to explore endless worlds. Sometimes when you want to relax or lose yourself in wonderful countries, it can be very useful to relax.

Another thing to keep in mind is the desired freedom to build your own world. From a beautiful houses to majestic castles, the app allows you to create the house of your dreams. The only thing you need to excel in this aspect is a limitless imagination.

If you find creative mode a bit boring, you can start survival mode. Here you have to craft powerful weapons and armor to protect yourself from dangerous mobs. Oh yes, you can also join your friends to fight against the mobs.

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8. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the kind of game that has never failed to push me to the edge. While incredibly simple to play, the endless runner game has it all covered to keep you guessing. As you may have already heard, the game is all about running as fast as possible while dodging obstacles.

With dizzying stunts and smooth controls, Subway Surfers seems to get right into the groove. Plus, the stunning HD graphics ensure that there’s no lag when it comes to visual enjoyment. Add to that a bunch of great rewards and the game looks solid for an endless run.

One of my favorite features of Subway Surfers is the fast sliding stunts. As they play a key role in keeping the excitement going. And yes, the paint-powered jetpack also caught my eye in equal measure. This is one of the best free offline games for iPhone that you can play.

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9. Need for Speed No Limits

Offline Games to Play for Iphone 14

Need for Speed is a franchise that needs no introduction. Are you looking for an offline iPhone racing game? Then NFS No Limits is one of the best options out there. The game begins, in quintessential NFS fashion, where you are shot by the police to compete. Then you have to start over and build your garage. You can do this by participating and winning many races spread across many chapters.

Once you defeat all the mini-bosses, so to speak, you will face the best driver in town. Then beat him in one final race to complete the game. NFS No Limits is an easy-to-play racing game with great graphics. There are many types of races and locations you will be in. So, go ahead and download this game.

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10. Soul Knight

Soul Knight

Soul Knight is another offline iPhone game that you should try. This game is available for free which immediately adds to its appeal. If you like roguelike games, you will like Soul Knight because it looks like them. Your task is simple. You have to recover a magic stone that the aliens have taken. You may enjoy shooting aliens, exploring dungeons, and other things in the game a lot.

There are many unique heroes, over 120 weapons, and other things to play with. You can also get weapons to increase your equipment. Because it’s so simple to play, you won’t get frustrated trying to figure out how to play it. This is one of the reasons I love playing this game about flights.

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11. New York Times Crossword

Offline Games to Play for Iphone 14

The New York Times crossword, edited by Will Shortz, is the gold standard for everyday puzzles. Access breaking news every day and the complete archive of past crossword puzzles with the New York Times Crossword app. Besides the puzzles themselves, the app has other features. Track your streaks on the stats page. Check the archives to solve puzzles from the past, or buy special crossword packs.

You can subscribe to the New York Times digital subscription. Or you can get a separate subscription to the crossword puzzle. If you don’t sign up, you’ll only have access to the daily mini crossword, which is a treat on its own. But not as fun as a full puzzle.

While you need internet access to download new puzzles, you can keep an unlimited number of them offline to play later. When using the internet to download new puzzles, it will help to use tips to reduce your mobile data usage and save on your data bills.

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12. N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy

Another offline shooter that deserves a place in this roundup is N.O.V.A. Legacy. What I like the most about this multiplayer FPS action game is the retro shooting experience. With this game, you will enjoy taking on the famous Gameloft FPS series.

On the gaming side, you play as Kal Wardin, a retired NOVA veteran. He was ordered to resume filming to defend the forces of the colonial administration. In particular, the game features an intriguing story mode where you can show your aim to find out the truth.

Besides, N.O.V.A. Legacy also features power-packed shadow events. Here, you can take down aliens in challenging limited-time events. And if you like deathmatch or battle royale games, you can choose to engage in a 6 player shootout to be the last one standing. Keep in mind that the deathmatch is quite difficult. So, you need to be at your best assassin to decimate the opponents. It is also one of the best multiplayer games for iPhone 14.

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Which offline games do you love to play with your iPhone 14?

We’ve covered some of the best games you can play offline on iPhone 14. So, you don’t have to rely on data when looking for a way to pass the time.

Do you want to play Offline Games for iPhone 14 while having fun with your friends? Then iPhone board games suitable for a group meeting in person are the best you can choose.

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