How to remove PDF passwords on iPhone and iPad

How to remove PDF password on iPhone and iPad

You don’t need to rely on third-party apps to delete PDF passwords. Now you can remove PDF passwords on your iPhone and iPad without any third-party apps. To prevent unauthorized access, I mainly password-protect my PDF files. But once the content of the documents no longer requires secrecy, I decrypt the files so that I can … Read more

How to recover deleted messages on iPhone

How to recover deleted messages on iPhone

You accidentally deleted important old messages on iPhone, how to recover deleted iPhone messages? Stop here. This guide will show you how to recover deleted iPhone messages effortlessly. The frustration of not finding a message on your phone is often accompanied by questions: Did I delete it? Did the iOS update have something to do with it? Am I … Read more

How to clear RAM on iPhone or iPad: a complete guide

How to clear RAM on iPhone or iPad

Read our complete and step by step guide on how to clear the RAM of your iPhone and iPad and boost performance. Cleaning the RAM of an iPhone is an activity that you must do constantly. Otherwise, your mobile will start to work slower and its useful life will be considerably reduced. Unlike Android, you don’t need to do this … Read more

5G not working on iPhone 12. How to fix it?

5G not working on iPhone 12 How to fix

The 5G network doesn’t always work on your iPhone 12? This is what you must do to fix it. Apple rarely releases a new device or feature that doesn’t work. Being a brand with a great reputation, this seems unlikely. However, since Apple released 5G on its latest devices, some users are unable to use it on the … Read more

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