The best free puzzle games for iPhone – play for fun!

The 7 best free puzzle and brain teaser games for iPhone and iPad, where you have to think to pass the levels.

Who doesn’t like to play some puzzle games to improve your mood? If you are bored or just want to clear your mind, you can always go and play some puzzle games on your iPhone. There are a wide variety of games that you can find on the App Store. Also, each game varies from the others and allows you to have your own adventure. You can spend hours and entertain yourself by completing the objectives and taking on new challenges in these games. We tend to create a love-hate relationship with these games, as sometimes we win and sometimes we lose the challenges. But we are definitely coming back to the game just to get new rewards. Here are the best free puzzle games for iPhone and iPad.

The best free puzzle games for iOS devices

Are you one of those readers who love to put the brain to work with complicated puzzles and logic games? Let’s see the best iOS puzzle and brain games that you can download for free from the App Store. With these games, you can spend the most hours entertaining in front of your smartphone screen.

Jigsaw Puzzle

The best free puzzle games for iOS devices

Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the best free puzzle games for both iPhone and iPad. You will play from the vast collection of over 20,000 fascinating images. You can even turn your personal photos into personalized puzzles!

The game offers you a free puzzle to play every day. The puzzle packs keep getting updates, so you’ll never get bored. There are great music soundtracks to keep you entertained to the fullest.

Download Jigsaw Puzzle

Cradle of Empires Match 3 Game

Cradle of Empires Match 3 Game

The stimulating storyline of Cradle of Empires knocks me down. The impressive quest and legendary characters further enrich it. You have an important task to accomplish, which is to help an old building restore itself and regain its lost charm.

Rely on Nimiru and the Egyptian settlers to remove Amrun’s curse and restore ancient civilization. React and present your heroic spirits to eliminate the evils.

This game which is among the best in the field of augmented reality applications for iPhone and iPad is designed to challenge your assortment, construction and collection abilities. In addition, you can play six different games with lots of obstacles and there are three modes to test your ability and patience.

Download Cradle of Empires

Slice it!

Slice it

What do you think of geometry? Do you think it is boring? Well, if you do, it’s time to check out Slice It! for iPhone and iPad. This puzzle game is based on geometry and you will have to divide a given shape into all the required sections in the level. Symmetry is the basic concept of the game.

The initial levels might seem like a no-brainer, but as you progress through the game you may come across levels that you just want to skip. At the end of the day, don’t be surprised to see a growing interest in geometry.

Download Slice it

Burn the Rope

The best free puzzle games for iOS devices iphone ipad

The concept is very simple. You need to burn as much rope as possible to complete the level. The only catch is that the flames follow the laws of physics. Just like in real life, the flame in the game only proceeds when it burns upwards. The game uses your phone’s sensor to keep the flame burning.

Burning different color bugs in the game gives a different color to the flame and because the flames are color-blocked, they are used to ignite the colored ropes in the level. Since you need to rotate and tilt the device frequently, tablet users may not experience smoothness.

Download Burn the Rope

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is another addicting game from Rovio, the creators of one of the most famous games: Angry Birds. While Angry Birds was just devoted to the bullet, Bad Piggies is devoted to construction, speed, momentum, inertia, and other physics concepts.

You can think of the game as the sequel to Angry Birds where you play as pigs and avenge the birds. You’ll need to create the perfect puzzle kart that can roll, crawl, fly, spin and crash to safely reach the eggs. And all this because a pig cannot just fly like a bird. Tablet users can download the HD version.

Download Bad Piggies


The simplest yet challenging game you will ever encounter is Mouse for iOS devices. The concept of the game is very simple. You have to make a mouse reach its hole by sliding various blocks in the limited space provided.

The game has up to 4000 different levels to complete. There may be many levels to get stuck on, but remember that patience is the best virtue (especially when it comes to puzzle games).

Download Mouse

Flat Pack

Flat Pack is a fairly simple augmented reality puzzle game. In this game, you will have to trap your enemies and prevent them from escaping. There are over 30 levels to challenge and it’s really exciting to play. In addition, thanks to the augmented reality in this application, you will have the impression of having fun in the real world.

Take on epic boss fights to show off your skill. Discover all the stars to know the ending. This 2D and 3D game for iPhone and iPad has enough tricks to fascinate you even more!

Download Flat Pack


So these were the top 7 free and paid puzzle games for iPhone and iPad. Jigsaw Puzzle and Mouse are the two games I recommend you start playing first. Also, don’t forget to share your favorites if they weren’t in the list above. Just remember that you shouldn’t give up easily on any level. These are “puzzle” games after all.

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