Best antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone to keep your iPhone safe

Antivirus/ malware apps are important to keep your iPhone clean and safe. We review the top 10 antivirus/ malware apps best suited for your favorite iPhone. Apple‘s iOS doesn’t allow security apps to run virus scans. So,iPhones and iPads don’t need traditional antivirus/ malware apps for protection. But that doesn’t mean iOS devices are safe … Read more

Best keyboard apps for iPhone & iPad| Top 10 Reviews

Swift and multilingual keyboards are a must nowadays for iPhone users. Here we discuss the best keyboard apps for iPhone to have a better typing or messaging experience. Just because your iPhone has a software keyboard doesn’t mean you have to like or keep it forever. There are better iPhone keyboard apps available with robust … Read more

Best Doodle Apps for iPhone and iPad (free and paid)

Best Doodle Apps for iPhone and iPad free paid

Here’s our selection of the best free and paid doodle apps for iPhone and iPad. Draw your imagination creatively. Doodle apps for iPhone allow you to draw your imagination creatively. Although they don’t have cheats, they are incredibly addictive! Once you start scribbling, you will never feel like canceling it. And, just when your time from playing for … Read more

Best voice recorder apps for iPhone (free and paid)

Best voice recorder apps for iPhone free and paid

These iPhone Voice Recorder Apps can Capture high-quality voice & sound. At JoiniOS, we have shared many articles about the best iPhone apps, and today we are going to cover voice recording apps for iPhone. Look, one of the most useful features of any iPhone is the ability to record yourself. Voice recorder apps are generally used … Read more

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