Best antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone to keep your iPhone safe

Antivirus/ malware apps are important to keep your iPhone clean and safe. We review the top 10 antivirus/ malware apps best suited for your favorite iPhone.

Apple‘s iOS doesn’t allow security apps to run virus scans. So,iPhones and iPads don’t need traditional antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone protection. But that doesn’t mean iOS devices are safe from threats! So, you can use antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone to hinder any kind of threat possible to attack.

Although Apple’s iOS is very secure, each iOS app runs in its own sandbox. It is preventing the app from causing significant system damage. iOS devices are still vulnerable to various network attacks. Such as phishing links, fake websites, phone theft, and more.

I have tried the best internet security and antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone on the App Store. But only a few can protect your device from all the above threats. But, my best choices can defend against these threats and more.

Top 3 Apps out of The Best 10

Trend Micro

Best Antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone

Trend Micro is one of the best antivirus/ malware apps for iPhones. This provider is safe. It uses artificial intelligence technologies to identify and block suspicious activities.

It is an easy-to-use antivirus compatible with iOS 11.0 or later. Its features include protecting your iOS device by blocking harmful websites. It also blocks ads, and personal information trackers and avoid dangerous Wi-Fi networks.

Trend Micro allows you to perform quick, comprehensive, or custom security scans. But, these scans are pretty stable and there’s not much I can verify. Its folder shield feature acts as an anti-ransomware layer. It monitors all your files, including attached drives.

Trend Micro also offers features like iMessage Protection for iOS. It places all iMessages linked to suspicious sites in a spam folder by default.

There is a free version for you to try. Besides, you can choose to use its premium packages for the most security. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.


McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is a diverse antivirus app for iOS devices. It protects your iPhone or iPad and offers many different security features. The app’s real-time protection feature stops online threats from entering your system. Also, its regular system checks ensure there are no Wi-Fi attacks or outdated software.

One of the most important features of McAfee is its ability to locate a lost or stolen device using a GPS tracker. It can also trigger an alarm. McAfee also has a Media Vault feature that protects your photos and videos with a PIN code. Besides. it backs up all your contact information.

If you opt for the Premium Plus version of the software, you will receive an unlimited VPN. You can use this VPN with public Wi-Fi.


Best Antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone

Avira is one of the most effective antivirus engines on the desktop. It doesn’t have the same malware-hunting goal. But it’s still packed with useful features.

Phishing protection does a good job of obstructing malicious websites. It is the first step in keeping you safe online.

Identity Safeguard scans your email addresses. It also scans your contacts for online leaks. Besides, it can alert you to any security breaches.

A versatile contacts backup feature can protect your address book. It can back them up to Google Drive, Email, or Dropbox.

Elsewhere, handy management tools help analyze memory and storage usage. It also provides monitoring reports on recent security events. Besides, It also features a simple anti-theft module.

It is a versatile suite that uses many layers to protect you from the web and other dangers. The basic version is free. But you can upgrade to the Mobile Security Pro version. You can also add identity protection with web protection.


Norton 360

Norton is one of the big shots in the iPhone mobile security app space, and that’s no surprise. After all, it is a very good, feature-rich anti-malware tool. It protects countless devices from viruses every day.

But what does it offer for iPhone and iPad users? For starters, the app is easy to crack even for beginners. Everything you can see in the main window and there is nowhere to get lost.

On functionality, the Norton 360 antivirus app for iOS does a lot of very useful things. For example, it filters spam emails that may contain phishing scams. The app also warns you against unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Also, the Web Shield feature will prevent you from visiting infected websites. Do you want to stay informed about the disclosure of your personal information? You can use the dark web monitoring function.

Additionally, the Norton antivirus app for iPhone and iPad lets you enable a VPN.


Best Antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone

TotalAV Mobile Security is an intuitive security app for iOS users. It’s a good choice for novice or unsophisticated users looking for a simple iOS antivirus.

In my standard test run, TotalAV’s anti-phishing protection performed quite well. It can detect almost all phishing sites, as well as 2-3 risky sites blocked by competitors.

I also like TotalAV’s anti-theft device tracking feature. It locates your iPhone or iPad if it’s lost or stolen. You can always see your device’s location through TotalAV’s online control panel.

I was also impressed with the TotalAV VPN, which gave me encrypted access to servers around the world. It allowed me to watch HD videos on popular streaming platforms. TotalAV VPN is the best VPN with an antivirus suite in 2022.

Are you looking for a simple iPhone security app with a good VPN? TotalAV Mobile Security will protect your device from hackers and web threats. You can also get TotalAV Web Protection included with premium plans.



ESET is ideal cloud-based antivirus software for iOS devices. You can manage it through a single management platform. It provides all your security system data. You can manage all your security and endpoint usage activities.

ESET Mobile Device Management provides many features. Such as anti-theft functions, web content detection, and device security. It is used to configure security settings for iOS devices. There is no need to set up an antivirus app on your iPhone. ESET can help you secure your iPhone. The good thing is that you can control all your devices from one consolidated dashboard.

One of its best features is endpoint security. It offers protection against ransomware. ESET also prevents attacks, blocks targeted attacks, and prevents data breaches.

This software provides protection against phishing attacks. Email security is also in your package. Full disk encryption and file server protection provide a security guarantee.


Best Antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone

Are you looking for the best antivirus app for iPhone? Then you can’t do better than Avast security & privacy. Avast continues to be a leading provider of desktop security and antimalware solutions. Its mobile apps offer a similar level of power and security.

It provides real-time scan-based antivirus protection. The app also blocks malign websites to stop intrusions. There’s also a feature to scan the Wi-Fi network to make sure it’s secure and will send notifications if not. Another is to make sure you’re using the optimal settings and privacy settings on your iPhone.

Along with the free tier, there is also a premium tier that unlocks extra options. Such as a photo archive to protect your images and online identity verification. This feature ensures your passwords and email words are not shared online.

Other tools include a VPN that allows encoded connections online. Even over an unsecured network, helping to further protect your privacy.

A 14-day free trial is available for the premium version. After that, you can choose to pay monthly or subscribe yearly.

F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE for iOS comes with a default browser that provides several ways to keep you safe online.

It starts with a simple web filter that blocks access to malicious sites. This is important even if a malicious file can’t infect your iPhone. There could be problems if you share that file with someone else or email it to them for help.

A simple banking protection feature allows F-Secure to verify each website you visit. This feature confirms that it is on the trusted list for online banking or shopping. An indicator shows F-Secure’s security verdict at a glance.

SAFE’s parental control system filters content by category. It enforces Safe Search to exclude questionable sites from search results. SAFE also allows you to impose browsing time limits. It’s reasonable, but keep in mind that iOS doesn’t allow SAFE to restrict the use of other browsers or apps. The only way to prevent your kids from switching to Safari is to disable it yourself on iOS. The process to disable (Settings > General > Restrictions).

F-Secure SAFE also offers basic anti-theft features, including a device locator and alarm. We mean “basic” – there’s no lockdown, remote wipe of devices, or anything like that. But the tools work and can be useful from time to time.


Best Antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone

Bitdefender Mobile Security is one of the best iOS antivirus apps for your iPhone or iPad. The mobile app protects your sensitive data. It also provides powerful threat protection with minimal impact on the system battery.

The mobile security solution filters all app traffic. Also, it blocks anything that might pose a threat to your data. It also includes an encryption layer that protects your data from mishandling. One of the best features of Bitdefender’s antivirus app is that it offers a VPN. VPN protects all your traffic on public networks, So hackers can’t intercept it. You can also use the app to scan your device and find out if there are any configuration errors.

Besides all these features, you can use the app to gain insight into your online business usage. Such as daily usage, traffic categorization, etc.



Kaspersky has also constructed strong fame in the antivirus industry. Its app for iOS devices lives up to that fame. It also includes VPN services that let you connect to specific servers. Which helps you when trying to access content outside authorized geographies. It also integrates anti-phishing algorithms and security features, such as Wi-Fi protection.

Like other best antivirus apps on the market, Kaspersky offers some unique features. The most popular feature is its password manager tool. The tool protects your authentication credentials for an extra layer of security.

Kaspersky also has a Data Loss Checker. It scans the internet to make sure all your data is safe. What to do If you discover something troubling,? The app recommends the best way to protect yourself.

Why Use Antivirus/Malware Apps?

The truth is that your iPhone can catch a virus, but the odds are slim. The reason for this is that iOS puts all downloaded apps in an isolated environment. This makes downloading apps on your iPhone a much safer pastime than doing the same on your Android.

But, if you have jailbroken your device, a virus has a much higher chance of infecting your iPhone or iPad.

Another way to infect your iOS device is to visit malware-infested pages. Even using the Safari search engine does not guarantee 100% security. Indeed, some vulnerabilities can allow malware to escape from the sandbox.

Additionally, there are other useful features an antivirus can offer beyond threat protection. For example, it is useful to receive alerts about security vulnerabilities. Features such as parental controls or a device locator can also be useful.

Although rare, your iPhone can catch a virus if you let your guard down.

Considerable factors in selecting antivirus/ malware Apps

Most iOS antivirus apps for iPhones are worse versions than their Windows counterparts. Also, most of them lack features and functionality. Some antivirus apps for iOS don’t even offer real-time protection. Which is the whole point of antivirus software.

So, to select only the best antivirus for iPhones and iPads, please pay attention to these criteria: —–

Malware Detection

Although it is rare to encounter security threats with iOS, it is always possible. A good antivirus guarantees excellent results in independent laboratory tests. Such as AV-Comparatives.

Extra features

Apple products already come with security tools. So, antivirus software should provide extra features to enhance device security. This can include VPN, device optimization tools, web protection, etc.

Simultaneous connections

A good antivirus plan covers many devices. Also, you may have devices that run on different operating systems. So, it’s important that your antivirus allows you to protect at least some of them.


While many antiviruses offer free plans, premium subscriptions can be quite expensive. We make sure to choose suppliers who offer the best value for money.

Money-back guarantee

If you are unhappy with the provider of your choice, it is important that you get your money back. If you cancel your subscription within at least one month you can get your money back. This is why all providers on this list have a money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict

These antivirus/ malware apps for iPhone can secure your iPhone or iPad from unwanted threats. Still, no apps can guarantee you 100% protection. But these apps will provide you with the most protection. That’s all for now.

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