The best free emoji apps for iPhone and iPad

Here’s our selection of the best emoji apps for iPhone and iPad that you can download for free. Make your conversations more alive and express your emotions more precisely.

Technology has provided us with new and creative ways to interact with our loved ones and neighbors. Emojis are one of them. Whether it’s an email, iMessage, or some other chat platform, you will definitely like to stand out by using different emojis to share your expressions. With that in mind, I’ve tried to list some of the best free emoji apps for iPhone and iPad devices.

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The best free iOS emoji apps for your iPhone and iPad

With thousands of emojis at your disposal, texting is no longer boring. Thanks to the emojis and stickers available on different apps, such as WhatsApp and Messenger,. Emojis are cute icons that make chatting more enjoyable. Not only are emojis funny, but they also help express feelings in a simple and exciting way. If you want a large selection of emoticons, you can download any app available. Numerous emoji apps are available, offering variety and fun.

Downloading a keyboard app that supports emojis is a good idea. It will allow you to chat faster and choose from a wide variety of emojis. You can download these free iOS apps from the App Store. Here are the 10 most effective free emoji apps and keyboard apps for both iPhone and iPad.

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Emoji Me Sticker Maker

The best free iOS emoji apps for your iPhone and iPad

This is one of the best free emoji apps for both iPhone and iPad users. You will never be short of options with this application. It comes with over 1 trillion animated emoji combinations that you can share across all messaging apps, including Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Instagram, etc. The app allows you to customize your emojis using more than 100 animations and show off your creativity in front of your friends.

Download Emoji Me Sticker Maker



The application offers endless options for creating animations and expressing them effortlessly. It goes without saying that Bitmoji is one of the most loved and favorite apps for emojis. Bitmoji allows you to create your own personal cartoon avatar, built into a huge library of stickers. It doesn’t just let you customize facial expressions; you can make them even more attractive with a range of designer clothes.

Once you’re done creating, don’t forget to share them with your friends. The app supports all major chat platforms. Bitmoji is one of the few free emoji apps for iPhone and iPad that is really fun to play with, even when you’re not texting.

Download Bitmoji App

Adult Emoji for Lovers

Adult Emoji for Lovers

This is another of the best free apps for iOS users. The app has had more than 4 million installs since its launch and has an average rating of 4.7 stars. As the name suggests, the app features more than 800 adult emojis. You can also choose the size of your emojis. Plus, they’re all easy to access with the built-in keyboard extension.

Download Adult Emoji for Lovers


emojis ios apps free

If I am asked to talk about the perfection with which this app is built, I would like to share that it was listed in the top 10 apps made for a keyboard. Additionally, Wired said it is “by far one of the most popular third-party keyboard apps.” Its latest version allows you to unlock a variety of new rewards, emojis, and stickers. Other than that, you get more than 200 new in-text emojis built into your keyboard and 20 amazing keyboard themes.

It’s a big app, 70MB, but it’s packed with useful stuff. There is also a request feature that allows you to ask the community to produce an emoji of your choice. However, Emoji> includes in-app purchases, so be careful when using it.

Download Emoji>

Moji Maker Emoji & Avatar

Best free emoji apps for iPhone

This is another of the best free emoji apps to try. The emoji app for iPhone and iPad allows you to browse assorted designs, including poop, yellow smiley faces, animals, aliens, and many more! You also have a range of options to customize body parts, from hair to masks. Numerous built-in options allow you to get the most out of emojis in an intuitive and precisely designed user interface.

Download Moji Maker Emoji & Avatar

Emoji Free

Emoji Free Emoticons Art and Cool Fonts Keyboard

As the name suggests, Emoji Free is a free emoji app for iOS. The application hosts a number of new and well-designed cartoon images. It also features eye-catching animated emojis and graphic smiley icons. Scroll through a list of beautiful icons, including rabbits, cats, pets, turtles, rubber ducks, long snouts, and more. Not only that, you can use them all wherever you can type.

It’s easy to use, works with most messaging apps, and has tons of Christmas-themed emojis. The app works with most messaging apps, including iMessage, email, and basically anything else you could want. As a free app, it offers a lot without many limitations.

Download Emoji Free

5000+ Emoji

5000 plus Emoji

This is another of the best free apps for iOS users. If what you really want are emojis, emojis, emojis, and more emojis, then, as the name implies, 5000+ emojis are for you. If you can’t find the exact emoji you’re looking for, you haven’t spent enough hours searching. And while the app is free, the emojis don’t feel cheap. They are very detailed and look great on high-resolution displays.

Download 5000+ Emoji

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Although SwiftKey is not actually an emoji app, its emoji functionality makes this keyboard app worth adding to our list. Its emoji functionality contains hundreds of images of all shapes and sizes. In addition, they are easy to find when you need to deliver the correct smiley face. And once you start using SwiftKey to type your messages, you may find out why so many iOS users keep it as their default keyboard.

Download Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

Gboard: the Google Keyboard

Google’s Gboard is one of the best free emoji apps for iOS available on the App Store. The application is known for its interface and lightweight nature. It delivers a better keyboard-typing experience. The app also supports emojis, and you need to start typing the text, and it will automatically suggest the correct emoji for you. Gboard also has support for gestures and comes with some unique themes.

Download Gboard

Start expressing creatively

That’s all for now, friends. These are some of the best free emoji apps for iPhone and iPad users. Do you want to be more expressive without even saying a word? The applications listed above can undoubtedly be your companions for creative chats. Please let us know which of these you liked the most or have used. Thank you.

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