The best apps for iPhone to watch TV for free

How do I watch TV for free on my iPhone? Here are the best iOS apps to turn your iPhone or iPad into real televisions.

If you have an iOS device, you surely want to get the most out of it. And one of the most frequently asked questions is whether there is an app to watch pay TV for free on the iPhone. Well, we bring you good news: there is not only one option to watch free TV on your iPhone, but many! To make your work easier, we have made an analysis of the best iOS apps to watch TV on iPhone and iPad for free.

Do you want to watch Netflix? Or are you more from Movistar +? Or watch the premieres with a good app? Whatever your iPhone model, you can see everything you want! Get ready; we start!

Apps to watch pay TV for free on iPhone

We know that there are many apps to watch TV for free on Android, but on iOS? The truth is that in this operating system, it is not so simple, since there are applications that work through the IPTV protocol. This protocol is the one used, for example, by the famous Kodi software, which allows the retransmission of the television signal over the Internet. Other examples are the You TV Player and Mobdro platforms.

But with iOS, as we say, things are a bit more complicated since the apps infringe copyright, and Apple is very serious about this issue. As they are considered illegal, they generally cannot be installed from the App Store. The download must be done from pages of dubious reputation. That is why our recommendation is that you refrain from doing so.

Still, it’s not all bad news. There are some free and completely legal apps to watch Pay TV on the iPhone. Thanks to these applications, you will be able to see the channels you are looking for. Do we know them?

Pluto TV: Live TV and Movies

Pluto TV Live TV and Movies

We love Universal because it allows you to watch channels (iOS) from all over the world. It is currently considered one of the best applications for this function. In addition, it has television channels in different languages, in case you want to practice any of them or find out what is happening in the world from another point of view.

One of its best functions is that it detects the speed of our Internet connection and adjusts the broadcast. In this way, you get us to see it with the minimum of LAG and possible interruptions. It has a search engine and a classification by category that makes it easier for us to choose the content we want to see. Each channel is updated every 3 minutes and can be previewed. And zapping is done with just one finger slide (slidezapping).

It also has a long list of movies and series to watch for free, without subscriptions or payments. Come on, it is a very complete option to watch television on an iPhone or iPad.

Download Pluto TV

Zattoo, a TV Streaming App

Zattoo TV Streaming App

Do you want a platform where you can find all your favorite television channels? With Zattoo Live TV, you will not only be able to legally watch live TV on your iPhone or iPad, but you will also be able to record the shows. So you can see them when you feel like it the most, wherever you are.

In order to enjoy Zattoo Live TV services, you must subscribe to the app and have a good internet connection. One of its strengths is that the channels change depending on the location or geographical area where the mobile is located. This feature will allow you to watch TV channels from all over Europe. Of course, also the Spanish.

The free version of the application has a large selection of the best sports, children’s, and youth channels. To benefit from its premium options, such as a greater range of channels and the possibility of recording, you can choose between a monthly subscription (€ 4.99) or an annual one (€ 29.99). Anyway, first, you can try its free premium version for 1 month.

Download Zattoo

Viki: Asian Drama, Movies and TV

Apps to watch pay TV for free on iPhone

If you are a lover of Asian TV and cinema, such as in Korea, China, or Japan, then Viki may be the perfect movie smartphone app for you. The content selection of this app, developed by Rakuten, is brimming with a wide range of Asian TV dramas, movies, lifestyle shows, and variety shows. If you don’t speak Korean, Chinese, or Japanese, it provides subtitles in over 200 languages.

One great feature is that it gives you the opportunity to chat with other people while enjoying your shows and movies. This is a great way to meet like-minded fans, as well as giving Viki a community vibe that other free movie apps lack.

Although Viki is free to download and offers a wide selection of content with those characteristics, it also has a subscription service that removes ads and gives you preference before others to programs classified as Viki Originals and Viki Exclusives. The cost of this membership starts at $4 per month.

Download Viki


Crackle ios app

Crackle is one of the most popular applications to watch TV series and movies. It has a large selection of free movies and TV series in genres such as comedy, drama, action, and suspense.

One of its unique features is its Spotlight Channel, which features shows and movies recommended by the Crackle team. This is a great way to discover content you haven’t heard of or given a try before, while the Watch Later feature lets you save a list of shows to watch later.

Like most free movie apps, Crackle displays ads. However, if you sign up, you can make them less frequent, resulting in a cleaner experience.

Download Crackle


YouTube is one of the leading platforms to view all types of content. In addition, it adapts to any operating system. In it, you can find videos of entertainment, sports, animals, tutorials of all kinds, or even watch free movies on YouTube.

You can even use it as a language-learning app by choosing to view content in other languages and using subtitles. In case your connection is slow, you can choose the quality of the playback. It also allows you to make a list of favorites so that the artificial intelligence of the platform does its job and recommends only what you like.

Download Youtube

Crunchyroll: Do you like anime?

For anime lovers, there are also free options! Crunchyroll is an app to watch anime that contains the largest catalog in the world. Among its main positive points is that the episodes are published just one hour later than in Japan and that you do not need an Internet connection to watch them.

Within anime, there are also different genres. For this reason, the app offers simple navigation, so you can find what best suits you. Create your favorite playlist and save it for whenever you want. Would you like to take a look at it?

Download Crunchyroll


Football, fashion series, movie premieres, NBA live, Formula 1, MotoGP live online, children’s content… This and much more is what you will find in Movistar +, an essential app for all users who have contracted the television service through the company’s Internet.

And with this application, you will have at your disposal more than 50 live channels and more than 10,000 titles on-demand to see when and where you want. Finding the content is very simple: enter what interests you in the search engine or access it directly by navigating between the different categories.

On the other hand, if you have contracted any of its premium packages, you have the option of activating the Multi-Access Home functionality at no additional cost. This allows you to use up to four devices at the same time: three on the home Wi-Fi network and one for when you are away.

In short, whether you are on the road or if you come home late to watch the game of the day or the latest episode of your favorite series, the Movistar + app is your best ally.

Download MOVISTAR +


These are the best iOS apps to watch TV on your iPhone or iPad for free. Let us know your favorite app to watch TV in the comment section below.

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