Best free logic games for iPhone to exercise your mind

We propose 10 FREE iOS logic games to test and strengthen your intelligence. Interesting and entertaining!

Logic games are one of the best ways to sharpen your brain. If you want to sharpen your brain, you must use the best free logic games on your iPhone and iPad. If you are using some brain or logic game, you may not know the result for the first time. You must try any game for at least a week or two to be able to enjoy it. There is a huge collection of logic game apps for iOS users, so we list the best 10 of them. These games will refresh your mind and provide the best way to charge your brain periodically.

Due to the large amount of information in our brain, our brain needs a snack periodically. Logic game apps provide the best way to refresh our minds. Our brain needs a periodic shake due to the great flow of information. So we have listed the best logic game apps for iOS users. These games keep our minds in shape, so we must try any of the logic games on our devices.

Activate your mind and master these free logic games for iPhone

There are logic games that require the exercise of mental abilities. We are going to show you the 10 best intelligence games. An ideal genre for those occasional games, for moments of relaxation but above all to activate the most precious thing we have, our intelligence.

Skillz – Logical Brain Game

Best free logic games for iPhone to exercise skillz

Skillz is one of the best logic game apps for iOS users. Provides the best brain exercises to test your memory skills. You can also use it as brain game apps to improve your memory, speed, get higher precision, distinguish between colors, and much more. It helps you easily train your reflexes, increase your accuracy, and learn color coordination for free. This logic game is perfect for all age groups as it is a skill test game. Also, you can test your reflexes. It is full of different types of tests that improve your skills and abilities.

Download Skillz

REBUS – Absurd Logic Game

REBUS Absurd Logic Game

An absurd logic game with more than 500 thousand installations can be a perfect option to kill time. This brain game offers quirky yet stylish graphics that refresh your brain, not to mention it also features crisp insanity.

Use your maximum logic skills to solve the puzzles. Whether you play it for a few minutes or hours, it works well to keep your brain running. On top of that, the puzzles come in various levels, from the easiest to the hardest.

Fluid gameplay combined with a nice design offers a unique gaming experience. If you love it, download and install the app on iOS. This game app is free, but offers in-app purchases for more features.

Download Rebus

Peak – Brain Training

Peak Brain Training

One of the best logic games for the iPhone to keep your brain fresh and ready to act! Not only will it allow you to occupy your free time with some fun and challenging games but it will also keep a graph with all your stats to help you constantly improve.

The inviting graphics, the variety of exercises available and the attention to detail certainly make it a valid choice. The app is free with in-app purchases. In the basic version, access to the games is limited and there is advertising.

Download Peak

Kami 2 Free Logic Games

Kami’s challenge is to convert each and every one of the puzzle pieces to a single color with the fewest possible moves. Thus, you have at your disposal more than 100 puzzles created to drive you a little crazy.

Kami 2 presents you with a great challenge, testing your ability to solve problems. Each puzzle promises to surprise you with a series of tricks and chain reactions that, most of the time, you will not be able to predict. 

Download Kami 2

Roll the Ball

 logic games iphone ipad free test and strengthen your intelligence

In Roll The Ball, you will direct a ball from one point to another point. For this, the first thing is to create the path before moving forward in this game that will exercise your mind. It is a fairly large puzzle in which to put a bit of order, the tiles are nestable and if you do not go in that place it will point you out.

It has preparation and tutoring at the beginning of the application. And it is best to start with this before entering the game.

It’s also one of the better offline games you could play anywhere without the internet. Just download it beforehand and disconnect the network if you don’t want to increase battery consumption. 

Download Roll The Ball

Blendoku 2

Blendoku 2 is a great logic game developed by Lonely Few for iOS users. It has palettes and the designs are designed and handcrafted to test your color skills. It is the best color game app that uses colors and how we see colors to create a challenging and rewarding puzzle experience. You can easily learn color theory, get inspired, play with friends. It has included 500 free levels with a wide range of difficulties. 

You just have to fill in the lines and squares to make your board stay clean. You have no time limit, so you can take your time and think about every move.

Download Blendoku 2

Brain It On!

Brain It On is another popular logic game app for iOS users with great logic game options. It is a challenging physics puzzle game app developed by Orbital Nine Games Inc. It provides deceptively challenging puzzles for your brain where you have to draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. There’s a collection of dozens of brain-busting puzzles, with more being added all the time. You can easily play these challenging logic games. It has multiple ways to solve each puzzle, you must find the best solution.

Download Brain It On!

River Crossing IQ Logic

River Crossing is a great IQ logic puzzle and fun brain game apps for and iOS users. It is a fun and challenging game where you will find a complete collection of all known river crossing logic problems. River crossing puzzles and their many variants represent ways to disguise relatively simple math problems. You can also use calculator apps to solve math problems on your iOS device. In this game, your goal at all levels is to move all the characters through the river while observing certain rules and restrictions.

Download River Crossing

You Must Escape

As the name suggests, the only thing you have to do in this game is escape! To do this, however, you will have to solve puzzles and other puzzles that come up before you. Each room hides mysterious objects and clues that you will have to collect and put together to find a way to open the door that will lead you to a new room.

The game is simple, offers modern graphics (which could however be improved) and is unfortunately in English. Don’t worry though, language is not an obstacle to solving the game itself. Are you ready to test your intuition and intelligence in this intriguing logic game? I forgot, in case you fail to finish a level, on the web you will have no difficulty in finding the solutions provided by other players!

Download You Must Escape

Cut the Rope

As the last intelligence game, we want to propose the famous game “Cut the Rope”, which is neither about words nor about mathematics but about mechanics. The challenge? Let the monster get to his candies helping him with various tools. But don’t forget about time either!

This game has 400 levels and combines fun with intelligence. Not for nothing is it one of the most downloaded games with the potential for addiction. At first, it can be difficult, but when playing several levels, it is well understood.

Download Cut the rope

Final conclusions on the best free logic games for iPhone

Games are not always destructive. With logic games, you can hone your logic skills, improve intelligence, and refresh your mind at the same time. Discover your favorite puzzle games to solve problems and see how they improve your day.

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