The best macro lens for iPhone photography | Top 7

Can macro shooting be done with smartphones in a decent way? Absolutely yes, let’s see, in this case, which macro lens is best for iPhone mobile photography.

Most modern smartphones have more lenses, they are usually wide-angle and telephoto lenses, and we rarely find a dedicated lens for macro photography. Yet it is a much loved photographic niche, so much so that macro lenses are highly sought after! High-end phones just have these kinds of lenses, but if you don’t own one I’ll show you some cool options. Let’s see the best macro lens for iPhone photography.

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What is a macro lens for iPhone?

Obviously, first, let’s clarify what kind of goal it is for. We are talking about a special lens, it allows you to create close-up shots of different objects and subjects.

The difference can be seen using normal lenses and the ability to adapt and zoom in on the subject. A macro lens maintains the actual size of the photographed object, as a result, it appears larger.

In fact, the ratio of true macro lenses is 1: 1, so no enlargement or reduction of the image.

Some of the lenses below are true macro lenses, others technically not but they have this label because they still manage to allow quality close-up shots.

The 7 Best Macro Lenses for iPhone

Macro photography is an exciting way to explore and capture some of the minute details in the world around you. As a macro photographer, you will produce larger-than-life images of small things that are often overlooked by most of us. Sound intriguing? It gets better! You can easily get started with macro photography on your iPhone with an external macro lens. Let’s take a look at the best macro lenses for iPhone that are available for mobile photography.

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Moment Macro Lens for iPhone

Moment Macro Lens for iPhone photography

The moment is one of the best brands out there when it comes to smartphone lenses. And its macro lens accessory is certainly one of its best sellers.

So what makes the Moment macro lens good? Well, it comes with superior optics that are coated to prevent unwanted flare. And the body that encases the lens is made of aerospace-grade metal that can withstand heavy use. Additionally, it also comes with a diffuser lens hood that creates even lighting around the subject.

This professional lens costs around $100, which is a bit pricey. You will also need to purchase a compatible phone case from Moment to install it on your phone. It’s a small investment for sure, but if you want the highest quality for your macro images, this is definitely what you need.

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Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone

Xenvo Pro

The Xenvo kit includes two types of standard lenses that you usually see on most other brands. It comes with a macro lens and a wide-angle lens. To use the macro lens, all you have to do is unscrew the wide-angle lens on top of it.

Xenvo also comes with a standard clip accessory that makes it compatible with most phones. Due to its basic design, it works on Apple or Android single and dual camera phones.

So if this macro lens is pretty standard, what makes it special from others? The answer is that it is cheaper than Olloclip and Moment. It is also one of the best cheap goals online. Don’t dismiss it because of how simple it is, it could be exactly what you need.

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Angfly 4K HD 2-in-1 Lens Kit

Angfly 4K HD 2 in 1 kit

Just like the Xenvo, Angfly also comes with a wide-angle and a macro lens. What makes it different from its competitors is that it is specifically designed to be compatible with dual-lens phone cameras.

Angfly works well with both iPhone and Android. The best thing about it is its glass lens. This ensures that you can record in 4k or high definition without losing quality. Its magnifying power is not as good as its counterparts, but at least it can guarantee sharp photos.

The downside is that it doesn’t work with phone cases. But it does have a well-designed mount that allows you to secure the lens to your device in a snap. The mount also surrounds the phone lenses so they won’t get damaged when you install the macro accessory. The package also includes a tripod for your iPhone.

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Olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens

olloclip 4 IN 1 Lens

Olloclip’s award-winning Macro Lens for iPhone is a high-quality, durable piece that slides over your phone’s camera to turn your iPhone into a macro-capturing masterpiece.

The clip includes three types of lenses: the 7x Macro, which works well for capturing smaller details at slightly higher magnification, the 14x Macro, which is so powerful you can make out individual threads on your shirt, and the 21x Macro, which can achieve Nearly 100x magnification when combined with the iPhone’s digital zoom.

While the Olloclip may fit some slim phone cases, it’s best practice to shoot without a case to ensure you get the clearest images. You may also encounter some issues using the Olloclip on your phone with a screen protector, so try using it with and without to see what works best for you, keeping in mind that the closer the outer lens is to the phone lens, the better.

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The USKEYVISION Macro Lens for iPhone is another great option for iPhone photographers, especially if you’re looking for an affordable single lens rather than a kit. This model is made from durable aluminum construction for longevity and multi-element coated glass to reduce ghosting caused by reflections. There are no obvious distortions around the edges and the background is blurred for good depth of field. The lens fits phones with one or two cameras without a case, or on a case with a very slim profile.

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APEXEL 6 in 1 lens kit

APEXEL 6 in 1 lens kit iphone photography

If you have no particular requests or want to give your shots a particular effect without spending a lot, one of the best solutions is the APEXEL 6-in-1 iPhone lens kit. Inside it, we find a 210 ° fisheye lens, a telephoto lens to obtain a 2x zoom, a 120 ° wide lens to increase the field of view of the frames, a 15x macro lens, and two comfortable filters. The universal clip makes the lenses compatible with any Apple device and thanks to the convenient case you can carry the lenses without damaging them.

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Selvim 4 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

Selvim 4 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

The photographic quality of this lens kit for iPhone is ensured by the 10 layers that coat both sides of each lens. The transmission of light from the objective to the lens is significantly improved. This 3-in-1 model consists of an interchangeable fisheye, macro, and wide-angle. Made of aluminum alloy, the Selvim kit displays unfailing robustness. As for the universal mounting clip delivered in the kit, it is partly made of plastic, which makes it flexible and compatible with both the front camera and the rear camera. It is also suitable for phones with dual sensors.

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Conclusion: a macro lens for iPhone

The best macro lens for iPhone depends on you and the requirements of your phone. Remember that although the products on the list do the same job, they all work a little differently. And don’t think so much about prices. You can get a cheap iPhone macro lens and still take great macro photos with your iOS.

Find out what you need to achieve and choose your iPhone lens carefully. Above all, make sure it is compatible with your device. Otherwise, you can’t use it at all. Also, see the best camera apps for iPhone

That’s all for now, friends. Thank you.

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