Apple Watch not vibrating? Why and how to fix this

Your Apple Watch doesn’t vibrate and you don’t know why. You are missing important messages and notifications and it is starting to get frustrating.

Your Apple Watch isn’t vibrating and you’re not sure why. You are missing important messages and notifications and it’s starting to get frustrating. In this article, I will explain why your Apple Watch is not vibrating and show you how to fix the problem for good.

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Turn on your vibes

First of all, the Apple Watch has always offered two different levels of vibration. There is the standard option, and a more powerful Prominent Haptic. So, you can try it with the option you want, but it is better to do it with the most notable one.

To begin, you must open “Settings” on your Apple Watch. Scroll down until you reach the bottom. You must click on “Sounds and Haptics”.

Next, under “Haptic Force”, you must turn on the “Prominent Haptic” lever.

The difference between the two is quite remarkable, and therefore you will almost certainly agree as well. If you still can’t feel the standard vibrations, this should fix your problem.

Restart your Apple watch

Sometimes your Apple Watch doesn’t vibrate due to a little glitch. We can try to fix minor software issues by turning your Apple Watch off and on again.

To turn off your Apple Watch, press and hold the Side button until the Power off slider appears on the screen. Swipe the power icon from left to right to turn off your Apple Watch.

Now, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears in the center of the screen to turn your Apple Watch back on. Now you can test to see if your Apple Watch is vibrating again by pressing and holding the watch face. If your Apple Watch doesn’t vibrate when you press the screen, proceed to the next step.

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Turn on the haptic force on your Apple watch

If your Apple Watch isn’t vibrating, the Haptic Force slider can be turned all the way down. Go to the Settings app on your Apple Watch and tap on Sounds & Haptics.

Apple Watch not vibrating tips and tutorials

Then scroll down to Haptic Strength and turn the slider up. To move the slider up, tap the Apple Watch touch icon on the right side of the slider. You will know that the slider is all the way up when it is completely green.

Check your notifications

If you have custom notification settings on your Apple Watch, you may have accidentally disabled Haptic when certain apps alert you. If Haptic is disabled for specific apps, your Apple Watch will not vibrate when those apps send you notifications and other alerts.

Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and tap on Notifications. One by one, tap on your apps in this menu and make sure the switch next to Haptic is on. You’ll know the switch is on when it’s green!

If vibration works perfectly fine on your iPhone, you can also choose to mirror your iPhone’s Notifications settings to your Apple Watch.

Clear all content and settings

If your Apple Watch still doesn’t vibrate, there may be a deeper software problem causing it. We can fix a deep software problem by erasing the content and settings on your Apple Watch, which will restore all your settings to factory defaults and completely erase all of your content (your photos, music, etc.).

Open Settings app and tap General -> Reset -> Erase all content and settings. You will be asked to enter your password and confirm the reset. Your Apple Watch will erase all of its content and settings, then it will restart.

After resetting your Apple Watch, it will be as if you took it out of the box for the first time, so you will have to link it to your iPhone again. You’ll also need to reconfigure your favorite settings, add your music back to your Apple Watch, and pair your Bluetooth devices one more time.

Repair options

If you’ve reset your Apple Watch’s content and settings, but it’s still not vibrating, there may be a hardware problem with your Taptic Engine, the component responsible for making your Apple Watch vibrate. Make an appointment to bring your Apple Watch to your local Apple Store and have an Apple Genius or technician check it out.

Good vibrations

Your Apple Watch vibrates again! Now that you know what to do when your Apple Watch is not vibrating, be sure to pass the information on via social media! If you have any other questions about your Apple Watch, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Thank you.

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