How to clean an iPhone camera for sharp and clear photography

The guide on how to clean an iPhone camera in a simple and professional way.

As in reflex cameras, as in mirrorless cameras, as with any camera, the worst enemy of a photograph is having a dirty lens. The reasons may be different, from fingerprints to a single speck of dust, but what is the correct way to clean an iPhone camera?

The cameras to solve this problem have a mini vibration that raises the specks of dust with each shot in order to always keep the lens as clean as possible, but our smartphones still do not have this technology.

It’s a shame we have the best iPhone cameras and then we keep the lens dirty! Let’s say that to solve the dirty iPhone lens problem we have two solutions, one very simple and one more complicated. It depends on the extent of the dirt!

How to clean an iPhone camera?

Keeping your phone clean is a very important aspect to ensure the proper functioning of the device. Despite the care and attention with which you treat and handle your iPhone, it can happen that it gets dirty. When the phone gets stained or comes into contact with different substances (sand, make-up, detergent, ink, body creams) it is good to intervene immediately and proceed with cleaning. Among the various components of the device, the camera, is subject to getting dirty more frequently. But fortunately, in these cases, you can personally intervene without the need for assistance. Find out how to clean an iPhone camera in this guide.

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1st Solution: Weak dirt

The latest iPhone models come with an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints from remaining on the lens, so the worst enemy can only be a speck of dust or sand in the worst cases.

IMPORTANT: Never blow on the lens! You would end up misting the lens with the heat of your breath and you would risk making the speck crawl on the lens, making the situation worse!

There is a magic pen that allows cleaning the lens without the risk of dragging the dust, the cost is about 10-15 euros but it lasts an eternity! Buy it, you must always have one at home!

With this pen, you just have to pass it a couple of times on the lens and with its light spatulas, the dirt will come away in a few seconds.

How to clean an iPhone camera

Otherwise, there are several kits with pumps and other accessories that can also be used for cleaning photographic lenses, one of the best is absolutely the VSGO cleaning kit.

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2nd Solution: Stubborn dirt

This is the worst-case scenario, the speck of dust has entered the smartphone and becomes difficult to clean. In these cases, the first thing to do is take it to assistance, they have the ideal means to clean the smartphone camera in an aseptic environment. Otherwise, for the more “geeks” there is a small guide to clean the camera yourself.

A guy posted on YouTube the guide to taking apart an iPhone and cleaning the lens. Let’s see the video review below. It will help you understand the idea better.

By following this guide in 5 minutes you will be able to clean the lens in the best possible way! Also, see the best selfie sticks to buy.

Do you know any other ways to clean the camera of your Apple devices? If, yes, then share it with us. You can use the comment section below. That’s all for now, friends. Thank you.

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